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Ayoba Technologies offers courses in<software, hardware, networking>, both for the IT professional and the new comer. Whether you want to upgrade your IT skills or acquire IT skills for the first time, this is the place for you. The fee is affordable and you can study part-time or full-time, depending on your circumstances. All the courses have been chosen for their usefulness to various industries. As such, anyone completing even one of these courses is bound to be immediately employed. There is a lot of industry demand for people with knowledge of these subjects/topics. Some of the courses offered will help you gain certifications from big names in the industry such as Microsoft, Cisco, and SAP. Each course is designed to help you master the required knowledge with minimum effort and time on your part. Our experienced faculty will ensure this.

These courses come with the expertise and prestige of these industry big-wigs.
Ayoba Technologies has an on-going tie up with known names in the industry that ensures that the course material on offer is current. After studying with Ayoba Technologies , you can be sure that you are fit to work with the best IT teams in the world. As each course is designed to meet specific industry requirements, you have the freedom to choose the one most appropriate for your needs. Our experience and tie-ups coupled with your dedication will ensure this. The onsite courses are based on the same syllabus and students get guidance from experienced faculty for both options. Our Courses:

The Training and Services provided by Ayoba Technologies are as follows:

SAQA  ID Qualification Title
61591  National Certificate End User Computing Level 3
48573  National Certificate IT System Support Level 5
21191 Further Education and Training Certificate: PC Support 
21190 Further Education and Training Certificate: PC Engineering
73391 Further Education and Training Certificate: Website Development
73390    Further Education and Training Certificate: Graphic Web Design and Multimedia
71869  Certificate: Information Technology: Database Administration 

Computer Skills Program          
 Keyboarding and Typing
  •   MS Word Level
  •   MS Excel Level
  •   MS PowerPoint Level
  •   MS Outlook Level
  •   Internet

We also customise Programmes according to clients needs and offer Individual Unit Standards:

  • Windows 7/8 Operating System - Level 1-3
  • MS Word 2010 - Level 1-3, MS Excel - Level 1-3, MS PowerPoint - Level 1-3, MS Access - Level 1-3, MS Outlook - Level 1-3, MS Internet - Level 1-3, MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010 Migration Course
  • IT System Support Level I - 5 (Single Unit Standards Available as well)

Onsite Training
Ayoba Technologies offers onsite training in well-equipped classrooms. Each classroom has all the necessary equipment to offer students a hands-on experience. This is a great boon to people looking to enter the work force for the first time or after a hiatus. Our trained faculty is always on hand to offer you their advice/expertise/suggestions. You will be able to gain first hand knowledge of the field of your choice. This will help you clear the accreditation tests easily. We also offer our students access to our library. The classes are held on/offsite, which is easily accessible by public transport. The onsite courses also include practical training in a simulated environment.

Gain from a conducive study environment, especially if you cannot find the quiet at home. By studying at our institute, you also gain from the interactions you will have with your peers and fellow students. Benefit from the group discussions and problem-solving sessions that follow each lecture or demonstration. You also build your professional network by choosing our onsite training program as the fellow students of today are bound to be your colleagues tomorrow. This will give you a real-world perspective that you are bound to find useful. When you attend our onsite training program, you are assured of the availability of our faculty members to clear any doubts immediately. This way your learning can proceed at a faster pace than if you had to wait for answers to your queries.